Pat's NC State Wolfpacks!

We have both really enjoyed being in Raleigh, but one of the most fun things for both of us is all of the stuff to do here!  Pat has turned into a HUGE NC State Wolfpack fan!  I am still in the process of converting, but I do love to go to the sporting events with him.... even though I can't wear red yet!  Our first NC State game we went to was when they play USC Gamecocks.  It was quite the rivalry and game!  Of course, USC won, but it was a really close game.  It was really neat for us to be able to have our colleges play one another. 

We attended many other football games including a game that honors members of the military.   The active duty Marines at NC State escorted the disabled veterans to the field to be honored by the crowd.  It was nice to see all of the strong military appreciation!

They had people spread a HUGE American Flag out over the entire length of the football field, which was beautiful!  Below is a picture of the disabled veterans being honored, and a picture of high ranking military officials being honored. 

We attended our first NC State Marine Ball in November.  It was very nice, and the event was hosted with UNC and Duke Marines as well.  It was neat to have all of those rivalry schools in one room! 

We also attended a women's NC State basketball game on Valentine's Day!  It was a game supporting their coach, Kay Yow, who lost her life to breast cancer.  The game is a fundraiser for breast cancer.  It is a really neat game.  Both teams warm-up in pink shirts and shoes!  And the NC State girls team has a pink uniform just for this game.  It is a really neat game, and we had a great time.

The NC State girls are warming up above.  Below are a group of women that were honored as breast cancer survivers.