Our New Home

Here are some pictures of our first house!  It's hard to believe that we have been here a year already, but we have really enjoyed our new home.  As for me, I love the neighborhood.  We back up to the woods, so we can watch the deer at night.... and it's a great neighborhood for walking.  We have a few little restaurants and shops in the neighborhood and our pool is great!  As for Pat, he loves fixing things in the house.  He helped me paint the bathroom downstairs (before the baby news!), tiled the laundry room over his Christmas break, and built shelves in the garage over his spring break.  He only has one week off for 'summer' break, and he is currently outside building a stone wall and extension for the grill on our patio.  So he has really enjoyed his projects!  The next project will be the baby's room this fall!  Hope ya'll come and see us soon!

These pictures are from the day we bought the house! 
Pat is holding the keys!    Below is our backyard before we did new landscaping!

We did alot of landscaping last summer.  Mom and Scott were a huge help!

This was our first "BIG" snow in our new house!  You have to remember that we are in NC, so 6 inches was alot for us!  Pat was out of school for 2 days, so he enjoyed that.  I think we were the only crazy ones that loved the snow..... when you don't have any for 3 years, you actually miss it!  Pat wanted to snowboard down the hill in the neighborhood, but I wouldn't let him.  This was just a few weeks after his shoulder injury, and he was still in a sling!?!