Saturday, October 9, 2010

30 weeks!

Baby Austin & I have made it to 30 weeks!!!  Mom & baby are both doing well, and we are all counting down to the due date!  :)  It seems that I am growing now on a daily basis, and my swelling is getting worse by the hour!?!  I am starting to lose my energy again, but I have been told not to expect to get that back for the next 18 years!  Austin is almost 3 lbs. and just over 15 inches long now.  He is quite an active baby.  He loves kicking around, and he does full flips often!  We are now able to watch him move about from the outside, so that is pretty entertaining.... and it gives Pat a slight understanding of what I feel all day long!  I have not been very good at updating the blog as we are both staying very busy with school, but this is what we have been up to.....

Austin & I at 30 weeks!

Last weekend, we painted the nursery!  Ok, I didn't paint anything.... but Pat, Mom, and Scott painted!  Such a big help!!!  So now we have the nursery painted, the crib assembled, and his crib bedding..... we are getting there! 

Grandma Nancy's beautiful blanket is waiting for little Austin to arrive!

Pat & I

I am 28 weeks!

Papaw & Nana came to help us assemble the crib and put the car seats together!  We had a yummy celebration lunch at Cheesecake Factory for Pat's welcome home celebration!!!

The boys assembled the crib!

And the girls put the car seats together & put Austin's new clothes up!!!

We traveled to Smith Mountain Lake for the weekend to celebrate Robert Williard's wedding.  We enjoyed the rehearsal dinner on the lake Labor Day weekend.

Pat, Austin, and I at 25 weeks!

24 weeks!

Pat graduated from Officer Candidate School at the end of August.  He left just a few days after we had our last ultrasound announcing that the baby is a boy!  Pat was gone for 6 weeks doing Officer's bootcamp in Quantico, VA.  We were not able to talk on the phone or receive emails for the first 4 weeks.  We were able to write letters and receive letters via snail mail!  Austin and I had quite the growth spurt while Pat was away, and I was able to feel much more distinguishable kicks.  I went to visit Pat in Virginia on his 5th weekend, and he was able to feel Austin kick for the first time!  Needless to say, Austin continued kicking ALL night!?!  Pat graduated from bootcamp the following weekend.  He lost almost 20 lbs.... and I found most of what he lost!  We celebrated with mom & Scott, then we toured the Marine Corp museum in Quantico.  It was an incredible museum!  We returned home to get Pat ready to start school on Monday.  He was very anxious to return home, and he even volunteered to do grocery shopping and cleaning!  I am thinking about signing him up for bootcamp every 4 years!  :)

 This is the most "unofficial" military formation that I have ever seen.... so I had to take a picture of it b/c it made me laugh!  The guys stood literally 20 feet in front of the family on Friday for a family day celebration.  We had to stare at them for an hour in the steaming heat as they stood in this silly formation in civies before they were released for a few hours.  Ridiculous! 

There's my skinny hubby trying to hold back his shit eating grin the whole time!

OCS graduation on Saturday... it was so hot, so I can't even imagine how hot they were!  This is Pat's platoon, he was in Golf Company. 

It's almost over.....  Pat marched right in front of us as he was headed for his final inspection!

Yay Pat!  He did it.... Mom & Scott endured the heat with me during graduation!?!

So glad he made it through it!!!  :)  This summer broke many records on the east coast for the hottest summer on the records...... guess we couldn't have timed pregnancy and bootcamp for a better year!?!

 It's official.... he's on his way to be an officer!  Now all he has to do is finish his degree at NC State, then he'll be commissioned as an officer!  He even has his stool since officers aren't allowed to sit on the ground.  He had to take his stool with him everywhere they went during OCS.  Congratulations!!!

Marine Corp museum in Quantico.... I am 23 weeks!

We even got to see Meghan & Nate while we were in Quantico!  Meghan is one of my sorority sister's from Delta Zeta..... we got engaged at the same time, and we are pregnant at the same time!  :) 

Pat returned from OCS on Saturday, and he started school that Monday.  He was already 3 days behind in classes, so he had alot of catching up to do.  He did a great job though, and he aced all of his first tests!  While Pat was gone, I worked my last week at Duke Raleigh Hospital.  I was able to take 2 weeks off of work before school started.  I spent a few days at my Granny & Gramps's house as we started making Austin's quilt.  I learned quickly that quilting requires alot of work!  The quilt is going to be beautiful, and I can't wait til it's finished! :)  I started school at the end of August at UNC studying Nuclear Medicine Technology.  School is going well, but it is quite the adjustment getting back into the swing of studying.  It definatly keeps me busy, but I am enjoying it. 

Granny & I are cutting and measuring fabric... quite the science! I was 22 weeks!

These are our airplane squares that I helped assemble!

This is Granny hard at work!  Yes, she is actually sewing..... her sewing machine is quite the sight... you tell it what you want it to do, and it does it!  This is my kind of sewing!

My airplane squares for proof that I did help!  :)  Shocking, I know!

20 weeks in Atlanta.... celebrating with the Connolly's and watching the Braves play! :)

19 weeks!

18 weeks!

17 weeks!

16 weeks.... breakfast with Dad, Belinda, and Nana before our ultrasound! 

Nana, Aunt Mary, Nate & I  ...... Aunt Mary is making Austin a quilt too!  Glad to see Nana is recoverying from her knee surgery..... I think she'll be ready to be a Great Nana by December!  :)