Saturday, November 27, 2010

36 weeks!

Austin and I have made it to the 36 week mark!  Yay!  Everything is going well.  We had a check-up on Monday, and he has officially "dropped" and is head down, ready to go!!!  So now we are counting down!  We have been busy trying to get his nursery and everything ready, and we are almost there.  We are both anxiously awaiting his grand arrival!!!  Pat and I are both also counting down til the end of our semesters at school.  Pat will be taking his final exams the 2nd week of December, and mine are scheduled the third week of December.... in theory, I will have finals on the 16th, last day of clinicals the 17th, and I am due on the 18th....we'll see how this "really" goes!?!  We have posted pictures below of the last few weeks as I continue to grow.   We have been blessed with many wonderful baby showers and gifts for Austin, so we have shared some of those pictures too.  :)

 36 weeks!

 Pat & I in front of our home on a nice fall day! 
36 weeks and counting!

My lovely Michelin Man feet at 36 weeks... holy smokes, another 4 weeks of this?!?  I hope not!

Yay for diapers & wipes!!!  A HUGE thank you to the Nuclear Medicine Techs & students at UNC for the diapers & wipes baby shower.... such a HUGE help!!!  Funny thing is that Pat thinks that we will never have to buy diapers now..... lol, gotta love his optimism, but I warned him that there will still be more diaper buying!  We are off to a GREAT start though!  :)

Pat's "endless" supply of diapers!  My 27 year old child (aka husband) wanted to make a stack of the diapers to see if they'd reach the ceiling.... they did!  Just a little preview of what is to come in my life with Pat & Austin!?!  Please pray!  :)  Good news is that I will never have a dull moment!

We had a great baby shower in Raleigh hosted by Martha, Kelley, Donna, and Jaime!  We decided to include the men, so Pat could have some fun opening the baby gifts too.  We got lots of great things, and it was great to see everyone!  The food was yummy, and Pat was excited to have beer before getting a reminder lesson in diaper changing!  I think he's finally getting which side goes to the back!?!  :)  Thank you to Martha too for my REAL Hawaiin Lei... it was beautiful!   The shower theme was NC State Wolfpacks & UNC Tarheels!!!    Austin is going to have a tough decision, but I think he'll make the right one for his favorite team! 

Charlene, Pat, & I..... it was great to see Charlene & the kids!

Pat, Papaw, and I

Bill, Martha, Papaw, & I.....
 they just arrived that morning from Hawaii on a red-eye flight!?! 
And they still look great & hosted the shower for us.... thank you!  :)

Pat, Bill, Martha, Papaw, and I

Mike, Jaime, me, Pat, Donna, & Kelley.... we are so lucky to be close to our family during this time!  We are blessed to have so much support so close to us!

Mike, Jaime, and Will

35 weeks!

We had a baby shower in Greensboro hosted by Cindy & Kelly at Southern Lights.  It was beautiful and the food was incredible!  We enjoyed all of the treats and time with friends and family.  It was great to see everyone, and we got lots of great gifts for baby Austin!!!

Pat & I at 34 weeks!

Mom, Granny, & I

Mom & I

My beautiful baby shower cake!  It was delicious, and I loved the little pregnant chic on the top!  :)

Carolyn, Nana, Edna, and I

Nana & I.... soon to be Great Nana!

Kelly & I.... it's hard to find a best friend to stick by your side for nearly 20 years!  Miss you lots Kelly!

Cindy, Kelly, Mom, & I
Thank you girls for a wonderful, amazing shower....
you mean the world to us! 
Can't wait to bring Austin to visit you girls in the big city!  :)

The beautiful diaper cake and lots of yummy treats!

Kelly, Heather, & I

Tammy, Becca, Elisa, and Sarah..... Becca won the contest to measure my belly.... she was the closest!  Good job Becca!  She was the sweetest.... some of them were WAY off!?!  :)

Kelly, Elizabeth, Marissa, and I

Austin's beautiful blanket made by Granny & Mom!

Austin's airplane blanket made by Aunt Mary! 

A picture to hang in Austin's nursery that was painted by his
 Great, Great Granny Hiser

Beautiful blanket made for Austin by Debbie!

His first pair of overalls from his Grandparents!

Austin's baby book from his Grandma!

Pee Pee Tee Pees for cleaner diaper changes! 
Thanks Kelly & Cindy....we can always count on you two!

Another great gift from Kelly & Cindy.... these napkins say
"you're damn right i'm thirsty!
now which one of those things make cappucino?" 
Perfect for a Fedak baby since Pat is from the Seattle area, and they are addicted to coffee up there!  :)

Kelly & I with all of our wonderful bath supplies... thank you!!!

When we got home, Pat went through some of the gifts that we got at the shower.  He couldn't quite figure out the Pee Pee Tee Pees...... it was pretty entertaining to see his wheels turning!

Still in shock I think!

Our gifts from Aunt Kelsy!  So many cute things!! :)

33 weeks... Happy Halloween!

My Marine dressed up in his flight suit & helmet to hand out candy to the trick or treaters.... the kids loved it, and so did Pat!?!  Guess some of them never do quite grow up!  :)

32 weeks

Nana & I......31 weeks

Papaw, Mimi, Lindsay, Pat, & I .....31 weeks!

Let's see.... who's belly is bigger?!? 
Nate never changes...
gotta love that your brother still picks on you 26 years later!

Nate & I

Pat & I attended the Marine Ball in Raleigh on October 15th.  We had a great time!  He was in charge of the cake cutting ceremony at the Ball, and he saved the ceremony when the Captain messed up the ceremony.  He never missed a beat, but it made me a little nervous when he started cutting & serving the cake!?!

Pat & I at the Marine Ball....
and Austin's 1st Marine Ball.... 31 weeks!

Pat during the cake cutting ceremony

Pat's 1st time in a limo!

He wanted me to get in it and go for a ride.... yeah, right!  I don't think I could get up in that thing if I wasn't pregnant, much less when I am 31 weeks pregnant.... funny guy!