Friday, December 31, 2010

Austin's First Christmas

Austin had his 1st Christmas at just 9 days old!  It was a storybook Christmas for us with a beautiful new baby boy on a snowy, white Christmas day.  It started snowing at about 11:00 Christmas morning.  By that afternoon, we had a winter wonderland.  It was beautiful!  Austin's first Christmas was truly perfect.  We spent the day with family at Grandma & Grandpa's house, then we went to Great Nana & Papaw's house for dinner.  He was spoiled with lots of love & presents!!!  It was a wonderful Christmas!

Daddy & Austin in his santa suit on Christmas morning

Our little santa

Grandma & Austin Christmas morning

Aunt Kelsy & Austin

Great Papaw & Mimi with Austin

Our 1st Family Christmas Picture!

Uncle Nate, Mommy, Daddy, Austin, & Aunt Kelsy

Grandma, Grandpa, & Austin

Great Papaw & Mimi with the grandkids & great grandchild

The Connolly 4 Generations

Austin's 1st Christmas... and it was snowing!!!

The Connolly's at Grandpa & Grandma's house

The Fedak's Christmas picture

Uncle Nate & Austin

Daddy & Austin sleeping

The Woodham's 4 Generations

Papa, Bibi, & Austin

Great Nana, Papaw, & Austin

The Woodham's

The day after Christmas ....

It was a winter wonderland..... we had about 5-6 inches of snow!

Maggie Rose had her dream come true... she built a snow woman with Emma & Aunt Karen!  Then she went sledding!  She & Emma came all the way from Japan for Christmas this year.... we were so excited!

Baby Austin has arrived!!!!

Baby Austin was born on December 16, 2010 at 6:53 pm.  He was perfect!  6 lb. 7 oz. and 19 1/4 inches long... mom & baby are doing great!  Austin arrived with a bit of extra excitement just as suspected!  My labor began Tuesday evening (the 14th) after Pat & I decided to go on our last date night before Austin arrived.  We had some final exams that day.... Pat had 1 left to go and I had 2 more later that week.  So we proceeded to go to the Olive Garden for dinner.  It was yummy!  We both stayed a while to enjoy the silence and ease of going out to dinner one last time.  We then stopped by Walmart to stock up the freezer with food before Austin arrived.  As we checked out, my contractions began!  I should've known that Walmart would do the trick.  :)  We went home to unload the groceries in the freezing weather, and I told Pat that I better start timing my contractions.  Sure enough, they were within 5 minutes apart.  So we called the doctor, and we packed up and drove to the hospital.  We spent a few hours there only to find out that I was in early labor, but I was not dilating yet.  So they sent me home to continue to progress.  Needless to say, I was not happy as I was already having contractions 1 minute apart.  The following day, Pat & I cleaned up around the house & went walking to try to get me to dilate.  We had a doctor's appointment Wednesday afternoon, still no dilating but the contractions were getting worse.  At this point, I lost it.  I was ready for Austin to arrive!  Aunt Kelsy arrived that evening at 10:30 pm.  I went with Pat and again we walked and walked and walked the airport until she landed.  We came home, and I fell asleep only to wake up at 1 am.  By 7 am, I decided I couldn't take the back pain any more.  So once again, we packed up and went to the hospital.  Only this time, it was snowing!  So what should take us about 25 minutes took us nearly 45 minutes to arrive at the hospital.  It only added to the excitement!  :)  They admitted me, and thank goodness I was dilating so we were gonna have a baby!!!  We got settled into our new room and my nurse, Libby, was kind enough to give me some lovely pain meds.  I was much nicer after that!  A few hours later, I got my epidural and we were on our way..... baby Austin arrived on the 16th at 6:53 pm.  He was perfect!  He weighed 6 lb. 7 oz. and 19 1/4 inches long.  He had light brown hair and gray/blue eyes.  He looked just like his daddy, but he had mommy's red skin.... the doctor said he definatly had Irish in him!  He was well worth the 47 hours of labor, and our theory is that he was waiting on his Aunt Kelsy to arrive from Seattle!  Next time, we are going to fly her in 2 weeks early!  :)  Here are some of his first pictures:

Our sweet baby boy!

Daddy is admiring his baby!

Proud daddy!

I had a great "labor team".... Daddy, Aunt Kelsy, & Grandma braved staying with me during labor & were the first to welcome little Austin!  And I didn't even yell at anyone... thanks to the great medications!  :)  Grandpa Scott & Great Papaw were waiting in the waiting room for his arrival, and were able to meet Austin soon after he was born!

Grandma & Austin

Thanks to our great doctor & nurse.... Dr. Anderson & nurse Libby with baby Austin!

6 lb. 7 oz.

Mommy & Austin

Fedak family photo

Sweet boy!

Grandma, mommy, & Austin

Great Papaw & Austin

Grandma, Grandpa, & Austin

Looks like his daddy..... with mommy's nose & rosy cheeks!

 Our first night in the hospital was long!  I finally got to eat, and I never knew hospital food could taste so good!!  I was starving!  Austin, Grandma, Daddy & Mommy all stayed in the room.... none of us got very much sleep!?!  Austin wanted to be held all night!  Our second day in the hospital was filled with lots of visitors.  Papa, Bibi, Nana, Papaw, Aunt Martha, and Uncle Bill came to meet Austin!

Papa, Daddy, Mommy, & Austin

Papa, Bibi, & Austin

So tiny, all of his clothes were too big!  All decked out in his daddy gear!

Thanks Grandma for letting me sleep!!!  :)

Our first morning!

Uncle Bill & Austin

Aunt Martha & Austin

Great Nana, Great Papaw, & Austin

Our second night was full of tests for Austin to pass before we could go home.  He even got his first shot!  He passed everything, and we were ready to go home on the 18th!  Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Kelsy, Papa, & Bibi helped us pack up and get home safely.  Once again, as we left the hospital it was snowing!  Yes, we still live in North Carolina..... this little boy & I have been through the the second hottest summer on record with temperatures in the high 90's forever it seemed like and now it has already snowed 3 times & super cold and it is only December 18th!  One extreme to the other!  We made it home safely & introduced Austin to the cats... Marco & Polo.  The cats are still a bit in shock at all the changes! 

Austin's going home outfit..... "Just checked in... littlest Marine!"

Aunt Kelsy, Daddy, & Austin

Going home today.... Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy, Daddy, & Austin

Aunt Kelsy & Austin

He passed the car seat test!

Leaving the hospital..... in the snow again!

Papa, Bibi, Daddy, Mommy, & Austin  leaving the hospital

Welcome home sweet baby!! 

Uncle Nate came to visit Austin after we arrived home.  Our first night at home was LONG!  We couldn't lay him down for more than 10 minutes.  He always wants to be held.  So Mommy, Daddy, & Grandma took shifts holding him all night. 

Uncle Nate & Austin

Austin had his first doctor's appointment on Monday, December 20th.  He had lost quite a bit of weight.  He weighed 5 lb. 8 oz., so we started supplementing with some formula a few times of day.  Much happier baby!  And we even got a 2 hour stretch of sleep that night!!!

On the way to the doctor's office for his 1st appointment!  He loves to have his hands by his face. 

Daddy & Austin

He didn't so much like the doctor's office...but he liked the formula & a full belly!