Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 2011

We have started February off with a big growth spurt for Austin!  He is growing everday!!!  He is finally gaining weight, and we've found a formula that doesn't make him spit up as much!  Daycare is an adjustment still.  He is doing well there, and everyone loves him.  However, he is finding lots of little germs to pick up.  We have started the month out with a cold.  Austin caught it, and he gave it to mommy!  We're praying Daddy doesn't get it too.

Finally, starting to sleep some in his bassinett! 
We've gotten a few 3 1/2 hour stretches out of him!!!

I found my hand!  Working on finding my thumb....

Getting SO big!

Austin & his Great Granny!

4 generations of the Schmidt-Hiser family!!!

Austin & Great Gramps!

Great Granny & Gramps and the newest great grandchild!

Grandma, Grandpa, & Austin

Sweet smile!!

He loves his swing & toys!

He's really starting to watch & coo at all his toys! 
He's so fun to watch & play with!

Tired boys!

Sweet, sleeping baby boy!  I love those chubby cheeks!

Bath time!  He's starting to enjoy his bath a little bit more....
 atleast he's not screaming anymore!

Daddy's little man!

Check out my new activity mat!  He loves his new toys... he coos and smiles... just waiting on a sweet little laugh!

I love watching him discover his new toys & talking to them!  :) 
 So much fun!

Smiling at Daddy on Saturday morning!!! 
Makes our day... we love these sweet smiles!  :)
He's finally getting over his cold and mommy too!

We caught Austin sucking his thumb on Saturday!  He was totally shocked.... it was funny.  :)  We knew it was coming because he took a paci the first night he was born.  We'll see if he finds it again.

Happy 1st Valentine's Day sweet baby!  We tried to go out to dinner... all 3 of us for Valentine's Day.  We went to eat Japanese, it was yummy!  Someone was a little fussy though.... it was a new twist on Valentine's Day for all of us!  :)  

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